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SQL DatabasesManage & Organize your SQL Database & Queries
REST APIMaintain your REST API & permissions
Live modeLive access of your production servers
AddonsInfinitely extensible, the sky is the limit


Model your database

  • Visualize the structure
  • Create entity, fields and relations
  • Synchronize with your database

Query your data

  • Visualize your data
  • Create powerful database queries
  • Extendable with Javascript or SQL

Create a REST API

  • Create your API endpoints
  • Create granular permissions
  • Websocket support
  • Test your endpoints

Host your application anywhere

  • Server free and opensource
  • Easy to install (NPM)
  • Simple CLI

Works with any client platform

  • Works for Web / Mobile / Desktop applications
  • Boilerplate your client - Angular / React / Vue.js
  • Task manager - Build & watch changes
Git managementAll usual GIT operations integrated
Simple editorEdit your files directly in Materia Designer
Live modeAccess your production server in one click
Server logs & statusDebug easily your server with the integrated terminal
Docker readyYour project are created with a dockerfile ready to be used
Code allowedYou can extend every feature of your app with Javascript (Database query / endpoints / addons etc.)


Infinitely extensible

Your applications are infinitely extensible with addons

StripeEnable payment in your applications
MailjetSend transactional emails via Mailjet in minutes
Local User ManagementSimple user management with permissions
FacebookIntegrate Facebook connect to your application
GeoIPKnow the location of your user from their IP addresses
Angular UniversalEnable Server-Side Rendering for your Angular applications
Firebase AuthenticationEnable your user to connect using Firebase Authentication
Amazon S3Upload any files from your users to Amazon S3
Local UploaderUpload any files from your users to your server
Your addonCreate your own addon in Javascript or Typescript


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